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I’m a girl born with geek in the blood. I root for the Ewoks and I WANT TO BELIEVE because THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. I have a luck dragon named Falkor and my buddy Lucas once asked me “What’s with today, today?” before we sailed into space crying “You can’t take the sky from me!” Mike, Joel, Tom Servo and Crow are my best friends forever times infinity. I know the lyrics to every They Might Be Giants song and I have a personal superhero named Artie who affectionately calls me his “little viking.”  I firmly believe that Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Iggy Pop should all get together and make a children’s album. I worship at the altar of Henry Rollins, Spider Jerusalem and the Davids (Cronenberg and Lynch).  My backpack’s got jets and I enjoy bringing my knees in tight to do the Time Warp again.  Philip K. Dick is a prophet and my favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.  I play on expert and I have an extensive plan for survival in the coming Zombie Wars.

and I’m a lemur.

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