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The Escapist : Zero Punctuation : Dead Island

Zero Punctuation reviews DEAD ISLAND

I love Zero Punctuation. Very very hard. (NSFW salty language and danger of overdose from TRUTH AND AWESOME)

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    Raises a good point at the very end on a werewolf or mummy apocalypse game. Now THOSE I can get behind!
  4. thegreenviperofdorne said: I agree with his end note: I think a werewolf or a mummy apocalypse would be EPICALLY FUN!!!!!
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  6. hoodymayne said: It’s a really fun game, you should give it a tried. I beat it within 2 nights(redbox) and i have a lot of fun. When looking at trailers and reviews it looks eh, but when your walking around the island by yourself and you hear a gurgling scream ;).
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    i love these reviews too!
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